Covid-19 Pandemic Fraud

Here is an alert for your attention in relation to fraud. Attached you will find some information and advice to prevent becoming a victim to fraud scams.

With more of us at home socially distancing, it means more of us are carrying out more online shopping through necessity, as well as having more time on our hands to browse the internet. The scammers are aware of this and will be looking to scam more people by advertising goods for sale, that never turn up.

Please be aware of adverts offering face masks for sale and hand sanitiser, as there is very little of these type of products for sale and the scammers know this and are using people’s concerns to purchase these types of product that unfortunately may not turn up.

Another scam doing the rounds is Computer Software Service Fraud. This is when you receive an unsolicited phone call from fraudsters telling you there is a problem with your PC and asking for you to download software so that they can then gain access to fix the problem.  It is a scam and they are after your data and access to your bank accounts.

If you get one of these calls unexpectedly, hang up. Never allow anyone remote access to your PC and remember, Never ASSUME they are legitimate, Never BELIEVE they are legitimate, Always CONFIRM by contacting a trusted number or if in doubt speak to a family member or friend. If you believe that you may have been a victim, then contact your bank immediately and report to Action Fraud.

Please stay vigilant during these difficult times and remember ABC – And if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.