Libby Blake

Start of term: 04/02/2016 – End of second term: 04/02/2024

Although now retired, in my working life I was a qualified children’s social worker, with a specialisation in safeguarding.  Towards the end of my career I became Director of Children’s Services in two London Boroughs and so also held responsibility for their schools and for strategic planning for services to children in those areas.  It was at this point that I became aware of Parkwood Hall and its offer to children with special needs.

Shortly after my retirement I was delighted to be invited to become a Governor at the school because of the fantastic opportunity it has as a Co-operative Academy to boldly develop its educational offer and to reach out with an offer of support that sustains and enriches the families of its students. And of course, the school estate and our talented staff group also provide a fantastic resource.  In addition to becoming Chair of Governors at Parkwood Hall in 2017 I also have recently taken a supportive advisory role with Edjustice, a non-profit organisation in India working to improve the public education system there. My passion is for a fair society that creates opportunity for all.