Philip Osman

Start of term: 12/12/2019 – End of term: 11/12/2023

I am a solicitor and have worked for almost all of my career in commerce and industry as the General Counsel and Company Secretary of different businesses.  More recently I was the chairman of the trustees and interim managing director of a charitable care home for the elderly for almost 6 years.  Whilst I know about governance, regulation and administration, I also know about how to develop and build an organisation for the benefit of those who depend on it and I see a close similarity in providing care to the frail elderly and giving support and skills to children needing special attention and encouragement.

I hope I may be able to help the Governors and the School to yet further improve its services and the standards of education that it provides, whilst helping it to make full use of the very substantial, but dormant, assets to which it has access.