Simon Blackburn

Start of term: 01/11/2014 – End of second term 31/10/2022

I started my working career working in an Autistic school in the 1980s. I continued as one of the country’s first male qualified Nursery Officers working for a local Authority for 13 years. I now currently work in the transport industry, as part of a team that deals with serious incidents and security alerts that effect the day to day running of surface transport.

I am a parent of six of our own children, who have all left home as well as currently being a foster parent to three children, one of which attends Parkwood Hall.   My wife and I have been foster carers for the past 11 years providing a home for many children in need, and have helped many traumatized individuals flourish. This has provided me with extensive experience in dealing with multiple agencies & departments at all levels. I regularly have to be a staunch advocate for the children in our care and am fully prepared to tackle those who fail to put the needs of the child first.

I became a parent governor during the consultations on the future of the school in the summer 2014.  I am extremely passionate about the future of this wonderful school and love being involved in the planning of the school’s future as an academy. I never realised how much there is to do as a governor and am looking forward to the process of attracting new students to the school.  Liaising with parents and Local authorities is a vital part of the role of a governor as well as insuring the school delivers the best possible education and care to our children. I welcome the challenges that lie ahead and will endeavour to continue to help make Parkwood the unique and great school that it is.