School Structure

Our Staff

As many of our students are with us 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday we have a large staff group at Parkwood Hall School, with over 130 people working here. The staff work within three sections:

The Curriculum Team includes the classroom staff, those who work with our children and young people mainly during the day of 8.45am - 3.45pm. In this group are Cluster Leads, Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Senior Teaching Assistants, Higher Level Teaching Assistants, Education Support Assistants, the Speech & Language Therapists, the Speech and Language Teaching Assistants, Occupational Therapist, Physio, Psychologist and The ICT & Network Manager.

The Residential Team works with our students mainly outside of classroom time, in the mornings, late afternoons and through the evenings and night times. This group includes Team Leaders, Key Workers, Residential Education Assistants, Waking Night Assistants, Education Support Assistants, and our Nurse.

The Business Team supports the work done with students and includes the Administration Team, the Site team, the Finance Officer and the Catering Team. This group is led by the School Business Manager.

The Senior Leadership Team have the operational responsibility for running the school and consists of: The Principal, the Deputies, the School Liaison and Inclusion Manager and the School Business Manager.

The staff at Parkwood Hall School are highly valued and we support Professional Development through training and shared INSET days.


Our Governors


The Governing Body of Parkwood Hall School has 15 positions including provision for 5 parent governors.

The Full Board meet 3 times a year. Some business is delegated to the two committees: Finance & General Purposes and Curriculum & Strategy. Each of these committees meet at least once every half term.

Documents available for download:

Annual Reports

Memorandum of Association signatures 2015
PHCA Governors Annual Report 2015 to 2016
PHCA Governors Annual Report 2016 to 2017
PHCA Governors Annual Report 2017 to 2018
Annual General Meeting 13-12-2018
PHCA Governors Annual Report 2018 to 2019
PHCA Governors Annual Report 2019 to 2020

Business Declaration - 2017 to 2018
Business Declaration - 2018 to 2019
Business Declaration - 2019 to 2020

Full Governing Board Minutes

FGB Minutes - 13th December 2017
FGB Minutes - 22nd February 2018
FGB Minutes - 21st June 2018
FGB Minutes - 18th October 2018
FGB Minutes - 13th December 2018
FGB Minutes - 28 February 2019
FGB Minutes - 19th June 2019
FGB Minutes - 17th October 2019
FGB Minutes - 12th December 2020
FGB Minutes - 27th February 2020
FGB Minutes - 18th June 2020
FGB Minutes - 5th November 2020
FGB Minutes - 10th December 2020

Governor Attendance at Meetings

Governor attendance at meetings 2016-17
Governor attendance at meetings 2017-18
Governor attendance at meetings 2018-19
Governor attendance at meetings 2019-20

Governors who have retired or their term has expired

Steve Finch - retired 10/12/20
Abidemi Agidee-Adekunle - end of term 23/11/20
Barbara McBrien -- end of term 18/06/20
Bob Walkington - end of term 27/02/20
Richard Allalouf - retired 20/1/20


Click on a governor picture below or their names in the menu on the left to find out more about our governors.



Admissions Process

Information for Local Authorities:

  • Consultation - The more information you provide, the more accurate we can be in indicating whether or not we can meet the individual’s needs. At the very least, send us a copy of: (a) the Education Health Care Plan, (b) the supporting documentation and (c) the last 2 Annual Reviews. If there are Speech and Language, OT, EP and other relevant assessments, please include these.
  • Consideration and Response - The School Leadership Team (SLT) meet every week and will assess the suitability of the school to meet the individual’s Special Educational Needs and the suitability of a placement at Parkwood. The school will write formally to the LA with its views.
  • Placement Suitability Evaluation - If, in the professional opinion of the school, it is likely that the school can meet the individual’s needs, then we will arrange a Placement Suitability Evaluation (PSE). This lasts 2 or 3 days (with 2 overnight stays for residential placements) following which we write a short report and make a decision about whether or not to offer a place. We may either (a) offer a place, (b) offer a place subject to additional resources, or (c) state that we are unable to offer a place.

Please note that we never offer a place unless we have carried out a PSE.

Information for parents:

We always welcome visits and you are invited to provide us with copies of any information you think may be useful. However, we must be consulted formally by the home local authority (LA) concerning our suitability to meet your child’s needs. The LA must consult with us under the Code of Practice.



Academy Status

On the 30th April 2015, Parkwood Hall School closed and on the 1st May Parkwood Hall Co-operative Academy opened. Technically, we are a new school, but in reality our history as a special school goes right back to 1970.

We are a “stand-alone” special academy which has formally adopted the values of the co-operative school movement. This means that we are not part of a multi-academy trust and that we have undertaken to treat all students, families and employees honestly, openly and equitably. All our teachers are qualified and we honour national agreements in respect of pay and conditions of service for all staff.

All the governors of the school are directors of Parkwood Hall Co-operative Academy Trust Ltd and they are trustees of the charity which, among other things, owns and controls the land and buildings. We do not make a profit and there are no hidden “back-office” operations.

Being an academy brings additional freedoms as well as responsibilities. We have the freedom to decide upon our own curriculum and we are able to be more flexible in meeting the needs of our students and their families. One example of this is the “Residential Education Experience” which enables parents to request and pay for flexi-boarding packages and extended day provision.

Our philosophy is to try to provide a complete and joined-up service. From a broad range of evidence-based therapies which are available to all on the basis of need, to innovative curriculum developments such as Forest School, we listen to what families tell us they need and we try to ensure that their children’s special, individual and complex needs are met.

As a relatively new academy, we are still growing and developing. We are always very happy to hear suggestions of ways in which we can improve our services to families and we would be delighted to learn of opportunities to collaborate with a range of organisations. Working together for mutual benefit is what the co-operative movement is all about!


Hire Facilities

Parkwood Hall School is housed in an impressive Victorian building.  The formal front entrance is approached by sweeping up the drive to the extensive front lawn.

We have hosted a huge range of events from a formal garden party in a luxurious marquee on the front lawn to childrens birthday parties in our gym.

The dining room is particularly popular and is frequently used for wedding receptions.  This can be combined with the hire of our fully equipped catering kitchen.

A junior football club have a regular hire of our playing field but we have still been able to fit in an annual cross country run, several caravan clubs and being host to a summer school.

For many years before moving to an indoor venue the South of England Koi Carp show installed huge display tanks, vendors and caters over the August bank holiday weekend.

We have over 70 acres of grounds with some beautiful unspoilt woodland.

This list is included to illustrate the range of events that we have been able to accommodate in the past.  We are flexible and have a supportive site team who will help you to plan and ensure that our premises meet your needs.

For more information and to discuss your requirements please contact our Finance Officer on 01322 664441.


"Thank you for never giving up and believing in 'O' even though the turbulent and very difficult times he has had.   'O' is leaving Parkwood Hall Academy in a much better place than when he started, the skills he has been taught will help and support this next stage of his life."

"I would like to thank you for your care and support of 'A' during her time at Parkwood Hall. Your help and guidance was an enormous inspiration and comfort to our family and no words can express our appreciation and gratitude."

"I am "J's" grandmother. I feel I must write and thank you all for making last Friday such a joy. We imagine all the other children that come to Parkwood have had a rough ride before they come to you. As some may know "J" has not been with you very long and we already see a calmness and contentment that your school is giving him.  On Friday it was so evident that it is not only 'J'  but the whole school, all taking part, all so happy and all so well behaved.  I do realise that you have many ups and downs and it takes a lot of hard work to achieve what you do.  I just wanted to say a big thank you for all you do, it does not go unnoticed."

“When ‘S’ attended Parkwood Hall Academy at the age of 12, she spoke approx 5, individual words. She was known as "the little girl that sits in the window", from the living room,  in our  street, as everyone that walked past saw her, just staring out. As her mother I would have described her as quiet, undemanding, little confidence or desire to  do anything, unhappy, withdrawn and unemotional. She seemed to live in an isolated bubble of her own.  From time to time, she would go to her bedroom and sit on that window sill for hours at a time too. ‘S’ never asked or indicated she wanted anything, or anyone. I spent my time guessing that she might be hungry, sad, tired, bored and tried to invade her space constantly to try and bring her out of herself, into the world or even get a reaction from her. People came to see her and she never even looked at them. It was like she was mute and deaf.  Attending the school as a day student, was a relief for me knowing that, at the very least she was with other people her own age, that she would be given lessons, learning, different activities, access to  a more normal day and I prayed that she would be different and happy. As the next year unfolded, I saw some small improvements, or perhaps I was just telling myself that. ‘S’ still came home and sat in the window and didn't appear to need her mother at all. I knew that she needed more, much more.  I eventually secured a residential place for her at Parkwood. As I struggled with the guilt of my actions, feeling that I should be helping her, not seeing her everyday and wondering if I had done the right thing, I realised that she was actually changing. It didn't happen overnight, there was no magic pill.  The school worked with me, discussing main areas of concern, putting in targets, individual personal plans, activities she might like, rewards schemes for good work, behaviour management, sensory input, social stories, picture exchange diary, daily visual plans, monitoring progress against obvious difficulties, the list was endless. Coupled with all this, was the everyday, normal things going on around her. Adults, peers, cooking, music, TV, games, sport, trips out, swimming, dancing, horse riding, singing, laundry, self care. Everything a child should have in their life.  It was a process that was breaking down her barriers, creating a desire for her to talk, ask, be involved, want something, like something, dislike something. She was showing emotion. I was happy to see her cry! ‘S’ was making choices, saying "yes", "no", or using pictures to express herself. I could finally see that she, herself wanted to be part of the world and realised that she didn't know how to do it, so she needed the extra input of living at the school for her to realise this. Being away from home, away from me, her bedroom and the window sill, was best for ‘S’.  I wondered why I was unable to do all this for her. But home life was very different, as it is for everybody. Over time when ‘S’ came home, huge things started to change. She retreated to her bedroom less and less. She started using the home computer, making herself drinks, asking for dinner, making choices, washing and dressing herself.  She was telling me what she wanted and what should be happening next in her world. She needed routine and she had expectations that may fail from time to time, but she was expressing herself. I saw a personality blossom, that I thought would never come. The child that I described as, quiet, unhappy, distant and many other sad and worrying traits, had gone.  ‘S’ has now left the school and I can describe her as, loud, cheeky, lively, strong willed, bouncy and much more. Of course there is her autism and that will always come with her, but we can deal with most things now. The one thing that everyone says about ‘S’, is she is HAPPY and she NEVER sits on the window sill now....”

“’’Z’ went to Parkwood Hall when she was 10 years old, as her Primary School felt she would not be able to cope in senior school because she was unable to read and write.  She is now nearly 19 years old and has been at Parkwood Hall since November 2007.  She now has limited reading, she can do some number work, her writing and maths, letter recognition has improved tremendously.  ‘Z’ is now a very confident young lady. She boarded at Parkwood from the age of 16 years which has helped her independence skills.  Parkwood bring out the very, very best in all their students and promote their individual talents, from playing in the steel band, being in the choir, sport, dancing, gardening and all academic subjects.  The school trips and educational holidays are fantastic and help the young people to both learn and mature.  We can honestly say Parkwood Hall has been the best thing ever for our daughter, she has been so very happy there and she has flourished and developed tremendously. She certainly does not want to leave!  ‘Z’ has grown into a lovely mature young lady, and is a delight to be with.  We would recommend Parkwood Hall every time.”

"Thank you all for a fantastic report. It was clear, easy to read and above all it was 'N' all over. You know and understand him very well. We can see how much progress he has made with all your hard work. We are so happy with how your are teaching him the numbers for life, words for living and independence. You see his potential and try to get the best out of him to help him reach his goals and more. 'N' takes your education back home, where we experience how much he has learned. The strict discipline, boundaries and routines are in place in both school and home due to great support, communication and team work. We also learn from your wealth of knowledge and support, which helps us as a family. 'N' goes to school happy, comes home happy and makes so much overall progress. What more can we all wish for!

"From the moment we visited Parkwood Hall School, we could feel the inviting and positive attitude of all the staff. The children were clearly happy and enjoyed being at Parkwood Hall School.  We knew this was the right school for our daughter. This was her 4th School and School had always been difficult for her.  However, the positive change in her since being at Parkwood Hall School is amazing. She absolutely loves being at school, her learning ability has improved so much. It’s clear that her needs are understood, she refers to school as her second home.  The staff have been faultless, communication between school staff and residential staff is brilliant. Everyone clearly cares about the children, and having their needs met. Nothing is to much trouble, the staff make me feel totally at ease, and able to express my full worries. They absolutely listen to me and want to work together. I feel my daughter now has a bright future."