Letter from the Interim Principals


After what has been a busy start to the academic year Jacqui and I wanted to get in touch to properly introduce ourselves and tell you a little more about our role over the year ahead.

The Governing Body have appointed Jacqui and I as the Interim Principals who will be working at Parkwood Hall over the course of the academic year. During this time Governors will be working on the recruitment of a permanent Principal. We are both thrilled to be working with the staff and students all of whom have made us feel incredibly welcome.

Between Jacqui and I, we have an extensive amount of experience working in and leading special schools with students who have similar needs to those attending Parkwood Hall, most recently in Kent.

It is our role to continue to lead the school on its improvement journey over the year and to ensure that the school has clarity moving forwards in readiness for the new Principal to take over. A year may seem like a long time, however it will be over before we know it and therefore we need to ensure that we make the best of the time available. In order to do this, we have spent the beginning of this term working with the Senior Leadership Team to identify the school improvement priorities. It is our aim to spend as much time as possible out and about in the classes to enable us to get to know the students and the staff here at Parkwood Hall.

Please free to contact us should have any questions. I work Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Jacqui works on a Wednesday and Thursday. We look forward to meeting your all over the course of the year.