Wheels and Wheelchairs – London to Brussels

Parkwood is pleased to announce our support to the Wheel and Wheelchair charity. We provided overnight accommodation for Day 1 of this challenge.

The challenge

From London to Brussels, sixty passionate skaters and wheelchair users join forces and spirit to cover the distance in 6 days (60 to 90 km a day), from 27 August to 1 September 2018.


Effort – Solidarity – Visibility – Pleasure – Sharing – Achieving – Together

London-Brussels 2018 aims to :

  • demonstrate that sport can bring together the able-bodied and the disabled to achieve a common goal,
  • overcome difficulties through cooperation, sharing and helping each other,
  • promote wheelchair access,
  • reinforce European cooperation in matters relating to wheelchair accessiblity, disability rights and participation in sport,
  • share these values with the towns we go through.